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Freelance travel writer and copywriter

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Travel Guide to Poland

For The Independent – August 2016 “Come for the past, experience the future,” could easily be a new slogan for Polish tourism. Visitors are drawn to the country mainly by its medieval cities and sombre sites relating to its 20th-century history. Once they arrive in Poland’s main metropolises, however, they’re likely to be struck by […]

National Geographic Traveller’s Digital Nomad

In which I, along with my photographer wife, spend two weeks in Aqaba and southern Jordan, blogging, tweeting and sharing photos on Facebook and Instagram. Along the way we cooked and shared meals with Bedouin people, we scrambled up mountains, we abseiled, we dived, and we even got married – again. For more details see

Staying Chilled

For Journeys Magazine – Summer 2014 issue As I walk between a magnificent Indian monument and an imposing Malaysian government building, I wrap my scarf ever tighter and pull down my hat to protect my ears from the cold. The snowy replicas, every bit as grand as the originals despite the temporary nature of the […]

Poland Bieszczady Mountains

Poland: the Bieszczady Mountains

For National Geographic Traveller (in the June 2014 issue) Sitting at the south-eastern corner of Poland, bordering both Slovakia and Ukraine, the Bieszczady Mountains are home to an area of wilderness that’s hard to find anywhere else in Europe. For full story click here 


Sarajevo sees a brighter future

For BBC Travel A visit to Sarajevo and a tour with a young siege survivor who now takes tourists around the sites linked to the war of 1992-1995. Click here for full story

Greek good life

The Greek Good Life

For National Geographic Traveller – in the April 2014 issue “Make sure you visit the graveyard; there you’ll see just how well we live here in Lefkes”, George tells me as I tuck into a plate of local tomatoes and cheese, coated with freshly picked oregano and bursting with flavour. He pulls up a chair […]


Dance to the Beat of Bahia

For National Geographic Traveller (in the March 2014 issue) The congregation is on its feet as it shifts through a combination of singing, swaying and clapping. The music changes but the rhythm is relentless. The dancers become steadily more intense, eyes bulging and arms flaying, one by one entering an unmistakable trance. I can’t take […]

Iceland Hidden People

On the Hunt for Iceland’s Hidden People

For Journeys Magazine – published in Issue 4, Autumn 2013 Sibba is wearing a bright red felt hat and looks more than a little elf-like as she leads us through the residential streets of Hafnarfjördur. The small fishing town is considered by those in the know to be Iceland’s elf capital and as Sibba stops […]

Barra coast

Flying Visit to Barra

For Coast Magazine – Feb 2014 While many folks come to Barra to experience the thrill of landing on the beach runway or to take part in one of its annual celebrations, others just want to enjoy the island’s beautiful natural surroundings. Whatever the motive, Barra offers a refreshing escape from life on the mainland […]

7 Reasons to walk the Cotswold Way

For CNN Travel – August 2013. The Cotswold Way is not for people in a hurry, often diverting from straight paths to take in a site of interest — but there’s a lot of interest for people keen on a little mental time travel. Click here for full story